Artistic Skating European Cup 2018 – Fuengirola


Located on the Costa del Sol, Fuengirola is a city with a rich Andalusian flavour which offers an extensive stretch of coastline covered with magnificent beaches. In 2018 Fuengirola was awarded the Blue Flag of the European Union.

The municipal district has an area of 10.37km, almost completely urbanized.

Possessing a long tourist tradition, this town in the province of Málaga has a wide range of services and infrastructure, which includes golf courses, riding centres, leisure parks, hotel complexes and restaurants, not forgetting a significant calendar of cultural events.

Along with it, Fuengirola has managed to preserve a great many remains left behind by the peoples who inhabited the city in ancient times, such as the Roman baths and villa or the Arab castle of Sohail.

Any one of its many restaurants and pavement cafés provides the opportunity to sample the local cuisine, whose star product is fish.


As occurs in other towns on the Costa del Sol, the gastronomy of Fuengirola is characterized by the central role given to fish, cooked on the grill or salted, not forgetting the emblematic fried fish and sardines on the spit (grilled). Their fish fry or salt-roast sea bream, the rice with seafood or potatoes with conger eel, are some of the ways you can find this star product.

Also traditional are “ajoblanco con uvas” (a cold soup with almonds, oil, garlic and grapes) and “gazpacho” (made from tomatoes, pepper, bread, oil and garlic).

The entire province is well-known for its excellent wines labelled under the Designation of Origin Málaga standard, among which the sweet wines are most prominent.

Along Fuengirola’s 8 kilometers of beach, you will be able to choose many different beach bars, where you will enjoy sipping a cool drink in the sun or taste the best fishes and shellfish of the area

European Cup 2018 - Fuengirola
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